Marcia Hillis paints vibrant, contemporary golf art. Her images are ethereal and capture the undulations and movements of the terrain vividly. The images suggest the metaphysical aspects of this deeply mental game. They are imbued with richly saturated hues that command attention. Because of their inherent beauty, Marcia Hillis’ golf art is appreciated by golfers and non-golfers alike. They are available by commission, and can be created on any scale, although 3’ x 6’ is a standard dimension.



What began as a painted house-warming gift for a golfing friend soon became a rich series of golf landscapes. The artist, Marcia Hillis, enjoyed moving the brush to form the undulations of the contours in the courses and the shadows that striated them. It was a lyrical movement that echoed the currents and tides in the oceans. As she delved further into her subject she learned about the golden age of golf course design, and the rising movement in golf architecture towards a return to that era. Upon looking at courses such as Sand Hills, Friar’s Head, and more, the artist discovered a metaphysical nature to the landscapes and to the game itself.

The artists’ style is distinctive among golf art; it is bright, contemporary, and abstracted just enough in order to accentuate the movement of the landforms as well as the psychological underpinnings of the game.

Astronaut & Bond Girls

This compilation of space walkers includes real-life scenes of astronauts.